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The way to come across Pinball Games on the Net

Rather than the now-standard paddles users pulled a plunger to shoot balls to the playing field, targeting holes that were worth various point values. Players could ricochet the ball from the pins to achieve the harder scoring holes. This is interesting since the "pin" has been virtually eliminated from pinball games for many years pinball games.


It cost merely a penny to play, and the complete game sold for $17.50. It became immensely popular in the United States, and Gottlieb sold more than 50,000 games in its first year! The very first version of Baffle Ball sold was set for 10 balls for 1 penny. For bookkeeping and settings there is a 256 x 4 bit CMOS RAM. System 1 could control 8 solenoids (which outhole, knocker and three chimes took already 5!), 32 lamps and 40 switches. The games were made in 1978-1980.

The pinball playfield is usually made of a wood base coated with several layers of paint and finish. The playfield is inclined in a 6-to-7-degree angle toward the player creating a hill on which the ball is influenced by gravity just enough to hurry it along though obstacles. The sport was Spirit of 76 (don't confuse with a Gottlieb of same name) and it operated on Intel's 8008 CPU. Production run was small and the company did not make other games!

In France during the reign of King Louis XIV, someone took a pool and narrowed it, placing pins at one end on the table while making the player shoot balls having a stick or cue in the other end. The dot matrix display (DMD) appears in 1990 and adds a new level of interaction with the player. In his frustration he founded Lion Manufacturing to produce a game of his own design, Ballyhoo, named following a popular magazine of the day.

Ball Launch: Launches the ball in to the playfield. Also known as: Ball Plunger and Ball Shooter. The majority of pinballs have a plunger that you withdraw on and then let go to produce the ball into the playfield area. Some of the modern pinballs have a button to press to achieve this (as shown in the diagram above). There are some modern pinballs that have a Ball Plunger and an automatic ball kicker to launch the ball. 1957 - Metal legs replace wooden ones.

All pinball machines provide a replay to a player who beats some specified score. Pre-1986 the replay score was hard wired into the game unless the operator manually re-programmed the software. The movement tilt is detected by a pendulum and bob mechanism that moves around in the ring. A tilt (or tilt warning) occurs when the metal pendulum rod touches the metal ring. Drop targets: The drop targets can be placed in front of other targets, requiring the drop target to become knocked down before the targets behind can be hit, or the drop target may pop up at particular times to deny the player the ability to shoot the ball into whatever is behind it. Pinball might not be completely new and unheard of but it's something that was never in the possession of your normal everyday family. Pinball machines did not have a home-use culture, these were built for the streets, but today more and more people want their very own machine at home and it doesn't seem this will stop!

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